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Osiris, a non-profit organization founded in 1999 in Marseille, is a healthcare center for victims of torture and political repression.

Osiris works with exiles that have lived through war, torture, ethnical conflicts, genocide, massacres, and forced relocation and exile.

Oriented towards psychoanalysis, the therapeutic objective is to relieve the post-traumatic suffering and expression shown on the psyche and physical levels, as well as expressing recognition, validation and care.
The healthcare team, specialized and multidisciplinary, includes ; interpreters, a physical therapist, psychiatrists, a clinical psychologist and a social psychologist.

The field of therapeutic intervention at Osiris covers that of deliberate trauma (deliberately inflicted by other human beings). Osiris is interested in studies conducted in this domain in the world and more particularly in North America and in Great Britain.
Osiris is open to exchanges of all types. If you wish to contact us, please address your correspondence to :